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10 Reasons Why You Should Use Silk Sheets To Enhance Luxury In The Bedroom

Silk Sheets & PajamasAre you tired of your sorry looking bedroom? Or do you want to give your bedroom an extreme makeover without breaking the bank? If your answer is a big YES, then you are not alone. As a matter of fact, many people feel that their bedroom has lost its sparkle. Well, probably, it is high time you thought of silk sheets. The bedding comes handy in enhancing the lavishness in the bedroom due to the following top 10 reasons:

1.         Royal Appeal

The first impression that sheets made from silk bring is the royal appeal. Many people associate silk material to lavishness and elegance. This has always been norm for many centuries. Perhaps, this is why the material will feature in high-end bedding and garments. Simply replacing the current sheets with silk ones will bring an instant transformation in the bedroom.


Why Mulberry Silk Bedding Is A Good Investment

mulberry-silk-beddingMulberry silk is the queen of all silk fibers. In fact, it’s the highest quality of silk one can purchase. The uniqueness of this material originated from China, some one thousand years ago. The process of making mulberry silk comprises of silkworms belonging to the Bombyx mori moth raised in a secluded place, and fed of their favorite mulberry leaves. With close supervision and a little bit of pampering, these worms are able to produce the strongest silk material in the world. This kind of silk is rounder, finer, smoother, lighter and more uniform in colour compared to other types of silk.

Benefits of Mulberry Silk BeddingMore

Inimitable in its Comfort and Benefits of HSH Canada Silk Sheets

HSH Canada Silk SheetsThe current trend in home decor involves finding items that reflect your personality so that you do not have to feel unwelcome in the very place which is supposed to usher joy into your life. While you want your living quarters to look neat and beautiful, it is certain that you would not like to compromise on comfort and especially in the bedroom where you spend most of your resting time. However, very few brands that manufacture bedding are able to provoke the looks in your interior and at the same time, provide utmost comfort. HSH Canada is one of those which manufacture high end bedspreads and sheets; below are some of their products features and benefits. More

Reasons Why HSH Canada Uses Only Mulberry Silk

HSH-Canada-Mulberry-silkThe most likely reason that only mulberry silk is used by HSH Canada for silk sheets,  silk pillowcases, silk duvet covers, silk pajamas is because it is the highest quality silk that can be purchased. The silkworms that make mulberry silk are raised under exacting conditions in captivity. Among the various types of silk, it happens to be the most expensive.

The process of making mulberry silk was developed years ago by the Chinese thousands, who went on to further perfect it, as a result of which they happen to be experts when it comes to the production of the finest silk. More

Reasons to Buy Magnificent Women’s HSH Canada Silk Pajama

silk pajamaFor ages silk has been a much revered material in the world of fashion. This is rightfully so given the quality that the material offers and the fact that it is one of the oldest and yet has been able to stand the test of time. Unlike other materials, silk is a material that is fit for almost any time of day especially in the case of women. This is more so because the benefits that silk offers could be very vital in the life of a woman even when she is asleep. Some of the reasons that should push any woman into purchasing a HSH Canada silk pajama include; More

How To Take Care of Silk Bedding

light blue silk beddingSilk bedding helps add luxury and richness to any bed or bedroom. The fact that silk is a natural product, using it for bedding helps our body work in unison with the fabric and respond positively, thereby enhancing the quality and comfort of sleep. However, taking proper care of your silk bedding is crucial to help maintain the softness and shine of the fabric and make it more durable. Take a look at some of these simple tips for cleaning silk bedding listed below in this guide. More

Why Silk Pillowcases Are Good for Your Hair

Silk blackThese are strands of fibers made of proteins which are produced by silkworms through a chain of processes which first originated in South East Asia and has been carried on from one generation to another over the centuries. It is a natural fiber that is highly treasured for its quality soft texture, toughness and perfect insulation that sets it apart from other common fabrics.

Over 90% of human population sleeps on pillowcases made of the typical cotton fabrics. However, lately, this trend is shifting with many beginning to appreciate the value of using silk on pillowcases and other bedding garments. This could be attributed to a number of benefits associated with silk on skin, hair, easy care and its opulence among others.

So why is silk pillowcase good for your hair?
Remember a pillowcase is probably the only garment that both your face and hair stays in direct contact with for an extended period while you sleep. The nature of the pillowcase material will therefore directly influence the health of your hair.

Below are the main reasons why silk pillowcases are particularly the best companion for your hair. More

Why Silk Bedding is Always a Good Gift

Silk Bedding is Always a Good GiftSilk bedding is an appropriate wedding gift, and if you have been invited to a wedding and do not know what kind of gift to buy, you should consider buying silk bedding for a couple. It can also be a gift to your significant other during Valentine’s Day, an anniversary gift and a birthday gift for a family member. Silk is a luxurious material and bedding made from it is practical, beautiful and luxurious. Silk bedding is a great wedding gift as it will be special and practical for the newly wedded couple to use in their new home. More

Mulberry Silk Sheets Highest Quality of Silk

Mulberry Silk CocoonsMulberry silk has over the years been rated as the finest and highest quality silk that you can ever purchase. Made from silkworms raised in captivity, this quality is incomparable. The worms are reared in exacting conditions and this is what makes it to be the most expensive silk. The process of making the Mulberry silk sheets was initiated by the Chinese people thousands of years ago and has been perfected over time, this expertise has been passed on from generations to generations and up to today, they are the best experts as far as producing the finest silk is concerned. More